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St Dominic’s Fair is organised in Gdańsk, Poland, in the Main Town.
Stand location depends on the industry represented and the stand standard chosen by the customer.

To take part in St Dominic’s Fair, you need to fill in and send the Application Form, appropriate for your industry, by traditional mail, e-mail or fax.

Participants who run a business shall enclose/attach a copy of their company’s registration document.

Artists shall enclose/attach a copy of their graduation diploma from an art school or university, a copy of an artist union membership card or a similar document.

The final decision to qualify a participant to a given group shall be taken by the organiser based on the submitted documents.

The St Dominic’s Fair 2014 participants have the right to book space on condition that they rent the same stand location as in 2013.

Booking deadline – April 04, 2014.

Space reservation form – download

IMPORTANT! MTG SA reserves the right to change the location of the stand or to reject the booking for logistics and/or technical reasons, as well as the right to reject the participation offer without stating the reasons therefore (Regulations for Participants, item 2.1.5)

Customers shall be informed about the confirmation of or change in the stand’s location in the Confirmation of Application.

The new customers shall purchase spaces in any time by sending the application form. For them information about location will be available since May 15, 2014.

You do not need to purchase the space in person at the Fair’s Organising Office: you can even submit your application by traditional mail. The organiser shall assign stands of the space and location that are compliant with the theme of a given street and – if conditions allow – compliant with the customer’s wishes. The agreement shall be concluded once the customer accepts the proposed location.

Payment for the stand shall be made in 2 instalments: 50% of the User Fee within 7 days of the booking and the remaining part by July 14, 2014.

Single day stands shall not be covered by booking and their location shall be determined during the Fair at the Service Office in Szeroka Street. The stand fee of PLN 100/m2 shall be collected daily by a fee collector.

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